Sunday, August 2, 2009

Hymns to Djehuti

Djehuti Poem

Daily adoration of Djehuti

O ye Ntr that are in Heaven, O ye Ntr that are on Rostau (eath) ye
southerners, northerners, westerners, easterners, come and behold
Djehuti, how he shines forth in his crown which the two Lords (Heru
and Set)
in Hermopolis have set in place for him in order that he may execute
the governance of mankind. Exult in the hall of Keb over what he has
done. Adore him, extol him, give him praise. He is the lord of
kindliness, the leader of the entire multitude.

Then follow a promise that for all Ntr who will thus prais him,
Djehuti will furnish their chapels and thier altars in their temples
and a prayer of the writer that Djehuti may give him a house and
possessions and sustenance; he is to cause that he be loved and
praised.... and pleasant and protected with all people and that his
enemies be overthrown.

Hymns and Prayers

Come to me, Djehuti, thou lordly ibis, thou Ntr for whome yearneth
Hermopolis. Letter-writer of the Nine Ntr, great one in Unu.
Come to me, that you may lead me, that you may make me cunning in your
calling. Fairer is you calling than all callings, it makes men great.
It is found that he who is cunning threin becomes a notble. Many deeds
there are that you do for them and they are in the Councel of thinrty.
They are strong and mighty though what you do. It is you who is cared
for him that has no..... Fate and the Harvest-goddess are with thee.
Come to me and care for me. I am a servant of your house. Let me tell
of your mighty works in whatsover land I be.
So will the multitude of men say "Great things are they that Djehuti
has done." So will they come with their children in order to brand
them for your office.
A goodly calling, O strong deliverer, and happy is he that follows it.

O Djehuti, place me in Hermopolis, in your city where life is
pleasant. You supply what I need in bread and beer, and you keep watch
over my mouth in speaking.
Would that I had Djehuti behind me tomorow ! Come to me, when I enter
in before the Lords of Truth and so shall I come forth justified.
Thou great dom-palm, that is sixty cubits in height, wheron are
fruits. Stones are int he fuits and water is in the stones.You who
brins water to a place afar off, come deliver me the silent one.
Djehuti, thou sweet well for one that has thirsted in the wilderness!
It is closed to him that flndeth words to say, it is open to him tha
tkees the silence. The silven one coems and finds the well. The hot
headed comes and are choked.

To an Immage of Djehuti
Prai to you, the lord of the house ! Ape with white hair and pleasant
form, with friendly nautre, beloved of all men.
He is of sehret-stone, he, even Djehuti, that he may illumine the
earth with his beauty. That wich upon his head is of red jasper and hi
phallus is of quartz.
His love leasp on his eyebrows and he opens his mouth to bestow life.
My house is happy since the Ntr entered it; it flourishes and is
richly furnished, since my lord did tread it.
Be hapy, people of my quarter, and rejoice all my kindred. Behold, my
lord it is that makes me, yes, my heart longs after him.
O Djehuti, if you will be to me a champion, I will fear not for the eye.

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